Sunday, 15 February 2015

Design on wall

I have colourful wall clock with butterfly design. Ideas came in my mind to match the wall with butterfly and flowers. This is created with acrylic colours. It gives a nice look in living room.

Pencil Sketches

Pencil Sketches created by me during leisure time. Just fun.

Peacock Rangoli

Peacocks are very colourful. These colours actually bring the meaning to life. Hence peacock rangoli is my favorites. These Rangolies are created during different occasions. 

Canvas painting

Another creation by me. I found the theme on the internet. I like it and painted it in my way...

Vastupratik- Holy Sign – It is auspicious to bring at home..

It is said that your home speaks. It grasps all vibes, good or bad. Every wall, colour given has some meaning. These vibes give the house, the status of home. You invest money, you spend on interior, but if vibes are not good, your home will not give you the results. Pleasant atmosphere in the home makes your life successful. Your interaction with family members, your values, small rituals help to create positive energy in the home.
Vastu Pratik is one of the sacred cipher (symbol) which gives you the feeling that you should do something good. I have created this artwork for my friend. This is a mural and it has all good signs described in our mythologies.
I design and create this. If you would like to buy for your home, mail at for enquiries)